Children's Party Entertainment

Professional ​​Quality Face Painting and Temporary Tattoos.

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I'm so happy that you've come to visit me and see for yourself some of the highlights and wonders of the face painting world. Here you will find many sample photos of my work and as much information as I can provide regarding my booking process, prices, packages and inclusions. Be sure to keep an eye out for more content to be uploaded like videos, events and products. I hope you enjoy your time here! If you like the website I know you'll like what I have to offer for your next event.
Our Team
  1. Sita Durnell
    Owner Face Painter Temporary Tattooist
  2. Pukuana Kumendong
    Temporary Tattooist
The Simple WOW Factor
Whether you are looking to book a small private party or a large community event we have and bring everything we need to ensure you recieve the great quality fun and excitement we promise.

We endeavour to make each booking as simple and effortless for you as possible. Our setup is all inclusive and is designed to provide a clean, professional and creative environment for each job. 
  1. FUN
    Bright Colours, Sparkles and Mega Smiles are all included when you book with us at Fun Fantasy Faces. Fun, Fantasy and HAPPY Faces every time!
    Quality Products. Quality Service. Quality Results. We only use professional cosmetic grade products to ensure a safe and high quality result is achieved and our designs are tried and tested.
  3. VALUE
    We know you'll find great value in our products and services. Everything is provided and taken care of for you so you can enjoy more.